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Thread: /castrandom and proper rotation

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    /castrandom and proper rotation

    Is there a difference between using the macro :

    /castrandom Devastate, Shield Slam

    and actually following a proper rotation ...I am not taking revenge into account.

    What I am specifically interested is in the mechanics of the /castrandom command .I can see that this way(with the /castrandom) you dont have to spam two buttons in a proper sequence,however does this generate more threat than using a proper sequence?

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    No, this will not generate more threat. It will generate less threat. Since the spell that is cast is random, you are not guaranteed to cast Shield Slam when it is available; hence, you will be missing a major component of your threat production. You may get lucky for a while, but at the end of the day, you only have a 50% chance of casting Shield Slam when you need it.
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    So would it be possible to use a /castsequence to get a proper rotation or will the global cooldown prevent you from doing so ?

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    HAHA!! I totally thought that said /castration and proper rotation.

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    you should be able to do a castsequence but the problem with macros is that they assume a perfect scenario, and that almost never happens in raids. You might have to refresh tclap, refresh demo shout, you might be low on rage, etc.

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