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Thread: Resistance Gear Lists & Mechanics

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    In terms of hydross, our main tanks are in mostly the epic crafted gear - warriors are at:

    nature 271, def 489, dodge&parry 30%, 13.7k hp
    frost 290, def 492, dodge&parry 31%, 13.8k hp

    Our pally add tank wears:
    nature 99, frost 125, def 444 (res: 20), dodge&parry 27%, 14k hp

    We usually have a warrior or druid as well on the adds, with 150-200 resistance for both - our pally tank is still gearing up, but we one shot hydross last time with him and the pally on adds.

    I'm sure you can get away with less (these are all unbuffed), but these are the numbers that we achieved when first into ssc, with a full raid, none of whom had any gear passed Gruul (and no 2.4 badge gear).
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    Worth Mentioning

    That using a Flask of Chromatic Wonder will allow the tank to keep his/her normal tanking gear on for at least one of the slots.

    Note that it does-not-matter WHERE the stat comes from (gear, food, flask, etc.) or which gear slot has it. All the combat table cares about is that [insert stat here] is there somewhere. That said, a tank would be over-gearing beyond 260 gear resist if the tank will also benefit from a +70 resist buff and +35 resist from Flask of Chromatic Wonder.

    Also, as an example only, the spell damage reduction tiers are:

    75% = 365
    60% = 292
    45% = 219
    30% = 146
    15% = 73

    The tiers are examples and not absolute, so anything between 292 and 364 will still provide additional damage reduction. Also, according to wowwikki, the chance to resist is "25%, 50%, 75%, or resisted completely or not at all".

    Resistance - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft

    Nice post, BTW!
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    Note that what you say about "tiers" conflicts with what wowwiki says (and with reasonable expectations of the game.) The resistance amounts in the wiki article are called out explicitly as "the chance for various partial resist outcomes given several resistance examples."

    I would be willing to believe your assertion, given evidence, but I have not seen any evidence of this tiered behavior so far.
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    Two sentences just before the one you quoted reads:

    "Despite the actual percentage of damage mitigated, direct damage spells have a chance to be partially resisted by 25%, 50%, 75%, or resisted completely or not at all."

    That pretty much tosses a 53% or other partial resist outcome in the can, doesn't it, or am I interpreting it incorrectly? On the chance that I am, I re-edited my post. Thanks for the input!
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    What that sentence means is that you will never take, say, 66% of the damage of a spell. It doesn't mean that the likelihood of taking 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, or 0% damage from a direct damage spell doesn't change continuously as your resistance changes.

    From earlier in that article:

    Damage reduction = (R / (Lc * 5)) * 0.75
    So at 365, you take only 25% of the total damage (although the 25% you take is spread between the different possibilities (0, 25, 50, 75, 100). You have a chance to take 0% damage, you have a chance to take 100% damage. Over time, it averages out to 75%.

    At 360, the formula indicates that it will average out to 73.97% over time. Each hit you take will still be for 0, 25, 50, 75, or 100% of the full amount, but the probability of each outcome will be slightly different, resulting in an average damage reduction that's in between.

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    Errors in post

    I have noticed several errors in your post, so I will aim to correct some of them.

    First, the Reputation Requirements for The Iceguard and Wildguard Blacksmithing sets.

    For Iceguard, The helm and the breastplate only require Honored with the Violet eye to be able to learn them, and the leggings only require Revered. You have all three listed as needing exalted.

    For Wildguard, You need Revered Reputation with the Cenarion Expedition to be able to craft the Helm, and the Leggings. The Breastplate does require Exalted. Again, all three are listed as requiring exalted.

    For the Frost resistance required mats, there were a couple of mistakes. You have Khorium ore listed twice, as well as a mistake in the requirements for Primal Water. " 48 Khorium Ore, 4 Eternium Ore, 6 Fel Iron Ore, 4 Khorium Ore, 3 Primal Nether, 6 Primal Water"

    You need at least 36 primal water to make the Iceguard set.

    There may be other errors, but I haven't caught them quite yet. But, other than that, excellent post!

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    Do you guys buy, say level 70 greens to put your [Nature Armor Kit]x4 - Leatherworking on as you wouldnt wanna put them on your badge gear etc would you ?

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