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Thread: How do I "subscribe" to the Podcasts?

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    I am a donor and DL the videos - any tips for converting them to get them onto my iPhone? I assumed podcast ready file sizes would be there but they are all WMV. I can use FLV to convert them down to... what? 640x440? What bitrate?

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    just use HandBrake to convert whatever you want.

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    Is/are there m3u playlists for the podcasts of lore?
    or could you be bothered to make and update one?
    Sadly, this is the only way my hardware internet radio supports podcasts..

    many thanks in advance.

    ps: i noticed i cant even find the xmls for pst and weekly marmot.
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    Appears the podcasts are no longer being hosted, are they mirrored somewhere?

    I liked listening to the guild related ones

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