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    I think i have found a nice medium to health/dodge... Right now my mask isn't gem'd or enchanted because i logged as soon as i got it. The helm will have +12 stam and +18stam 5% resist, and the kot head ench...

    But typically i have 14.4k health, 16.3k armor, and about 28% dodge.

    Fully buffed the other night in ZA i had 19078 health, 17k armor, 32% dodge.

    What do you guys think of this balance? Its not to overwhelming with stam stacked, but the dodge is pretty sweet.

    And i just switched to this 8/12/41 spec, and so far i like it. Rage is not a problem with unbridled wrath. And imp demo shout really helps on taking less damage. From what i read you only need 2 point into it.

    So let me know what you guys think, and what i can do to improve to be a better tank.

    heres my armory link The World of Warcraft Armory
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    If tanking with that high a dodge does not leave you rage starved go for it. I would personally be scared tanking ZA or beyond with 0 hit and 11 expertise. And you are the only engineer I have ever met who did not power level to get goggles :P

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    yeah i was actually looking at those goggles earlier today and now kind of regretting buying that helm last night..

    I do need to get my hit raiting and expertise up, the biggest problem i've had with that is tanking 5 mans where i'll open up with a shield slam and it'll miss, or devastate missing slowing down my initial threat more than my rage generation.

    I actually had a bad string one day at gruuls, TC resisted, missed on SS, resisted devo shout, parried revenge, and there was soon a bunch of dead dps lol.

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