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Thread: lurker, prot pally vs warrior

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    lurker, prot pally vs warrior

    hi, my guild recently has started doing SSC to make our first mark in t5 we have tried lurker a total of 5 times(as in 5 attempts) and the last attempt ending in 3%(sadly things respawn). Anyway as you can tell by the post im a pally tank and a friend of mine is a warrior tank, i out gear him by 2k health and have higher stats then he does, but my guild insisted usuing a warrior due to i dont have high enough threat on a single target(even though i get about 950-1000 tps)

    Anyway im asking does a warrior really make a difference. I do understand that some fights i excel at other roles(like eagle boss).

    btw this is the other tank.
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    Short Answer:

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    No, a paladin has just about tanked every fight in the game so far up to Illidan. There is no reason not to use you against Lurker or any other SSC boss for that matter. I'm not an expert in tankadins but if you out gear, and out play the warrior then its just old habits dying slow. Try to get a night where you get to tank it, and let the warrior just put on fury gear and devastate dps, you both might be surprised as to how good those roles are.

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