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Thread: Measuring Your Effectiveness

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    coolyo has top 20 for each boss now. There still hasn't been enough reports to really get a good sampling, however it still gives a good indication on what people's parses are looking like.

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    I would imagine that in time that will be really skewed to the upper end of things and it wont give people a good idea of what a tank's TPS is when they are actually at that stage of progression though.
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    Don't know if anyone answered your question about a mod for cooldown timers tobarstep, but I personally use hourglass. It displays two sets of bars, a smaller one and a larger one (smaller for long CDs and the larger for CDs that are about to expire). Both sets of bars are adjustable through /hourglass by enabling the show anchor option. Both are also scalable.

    Hope that helps.

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    Lore mentioned a calculator/table where you could see the dps your threat output would allow from various classes in the raid.

    Could you add that to the shownotes links?

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    added the link of bagelbite's tps converter for 3 tanking classes to resources.

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    I just finished listening to this pocast. Good stuff. A question and a comment:

    #1 You mention looking at WWS reports and that if swing is your top dmg ability you're doing things wrong. So I checked my latest. Luckily Heroic Strike s my top dmg ability. Then I got to thinking--it should be possible to look at the ratio of one ability to the other to see how close you came to "perfect" rotations. For instance, you would have twice as many devastates as SS and Rev and SS and Rev would be equal.

    With a 1.6s sword, I had 112 swings, 34SS, and 30 Rev. GCD being ALMOST equal to a swing I'd have to say I hit SS and Rev almost as often as I could. No?

    Anyways my comment:

    Omen may not be an ACCURATE way to track TPS but it IS a precise way to track TPS. If, over the course of a 5 minute fight, I glance at Omen every 30 seconds and each time it is within . . . say. . . 200 TPS of each other I can generally say--OK according to Omen I did 1200 TPS. Now this is NOT what my TPS was. But it is a benchmark I can use when switching gear or comparing myself to other tanks. So if another guy tanks the same fight and I see his TPS average out to 1000 I can be pretty sure I out TPS him.

    Imagine there's a scale that's 50 pounds off. If you get on and it says you weight 300 pounds it's inaccurate. But if another dude gets on and weighs 250 you know he weighs less than you regardless of his actual weight.

    So Omen IS important in measuring our effectiveness as long as you realize how it works. It will overexagerate burst TPS and . . . whatever the opposite of that is. But it is still useful.

    I should add that I ALWAYS advise other tanks to hit /omen toggle so that they aren't tempted to look at it in the first place. As tanks, we should be putting out as much threat as we can all the time. So looking at Omen and saying "oh wow they're catching me in threat!" shouldn't really cause you to do anything differently. If there was something you could be doing to raise threat. . . well. . . you should be doing it already!

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