So, we're the best alliance guild on EU-Shadowsong (PvE). We're 3/6 into Sunwell - everything else cleared last year - when our tanks coincidentally decide they have real lives. Anyway, we're looking for more, and I figured you good folk reading Tankspot might just fit our needs:

a Feral Druid

a Protection Warrior

You're T6-geared with awesome reflexes, full understanding of your class, and ideally a decent DPS set to save you from getting bored. You know what to wear for Brutallus. You read up on strategies, come prepared and always give your best. You can make at least four of our raid days: Wed/Thu/Sun/Mon/Tue, 1915-2400. You can listen on vent - speaking is even better.

Sounds like you? Want to help us with Twins and onward?

Send your application by email to (open application, but include the vital info such as armory link; you'd be surprised how few don't). Visit our shiny new guild website for more information.