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Thread: What next?

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    What next?

    I'm new to my guild. So far they have me OTing mainly and MTing when we don't have a prot warrior in our group.

    We've done Kara, ZA, Gruul's, and Mag's. I've successfully MTed all the bosses without much difficulty.

    I have enough badges for the 2.4 belt and was wondering if I should get them. I'm afraid to lose the block rating from the Moroes belt because I don't have many gear pieces that contribute to that stat.

    Should I get the Bracers of the Ancient Phalanx first? I was thinking of those too.

    I'm just looking for ways to improve my gear as we progress into more difficult content without relying on chance drops (especially because I have badges to spend).

    Here's my link:
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Thanks for you help!

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    Get the 2.4 belt, while block rating is often undervalued, it also isn't comparable to the HUGE EH and Threat you will gain with the upgrade.

    Since you have a large amount of expertise already, I would go belt then bracers... then you can afford to swap out the shard when you aren't needing as much threat.
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