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Thread: Evaluation & short parry question..

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    Evaluation & short parry question..

    So heres my lovable little Dorf tank :

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Ive been hitting Kara for a few weeks been quite lucky with drops it seems, my guild is still getting the numbers together for Gruuls.

    This is my threat set so swap in a mongoosed Kings Defender, and a +18 sta Gladiator's shield wall for boss tanking. The poultyizer will be replaced with the furies card as soon as the faire comes to town this weekend (yay)

    My current upgrade plans are

    1) Chestplate of Stoicism
    2) Sunguard Legplates
    3) Warbringer Shoulderguards or Pauldrons of Stone Resolve
    4) Jungle Stompers
    5) Ring of the Stalwart Protector

    So the question is, am I close to ready for SSC level tanking and are there any upgrades I may be missing?

    The second parry question is, I see a lot about the use of expertise for reducing boss parries and understand the mechanic. However I also note on occasion that some advise not to stack too much parry rating due to the same mechanic? I realise that parry gives a lower avoidance per item point than dodge, does it also affect the boss' swing timer when I parry them is the question!

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    Your parries do not affect the boss' swing timer. In fact, they speed up your own swing timer. The only time that it could have any affect on the target's swing timer is if your hasted attack is parried. However, per point dodge rating beats parry rating and the slight parry haste does not overcome this gap. That is why people say to not stack parry rating over dodge rating. Anyone that says to not stack parry rating because it speeds up the target's attack speed is just wrong, nothing more.

    As for gear, it looks solid. I'd want to get new boots first, but I'm sure you don't need to be told that. I'd also go for the ZA timed chest shoulders over T4. Apart from that, get your upgrades as you can and you'll be set.
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