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Thread: Suggestions on my next step

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    Suggestions on my next step

    Hello everyone, I've browsed around the forums and listened to the podcasts and figured I would post to see what you guys think about my current set up.

    A little bit about myself, I am one of the Main Tanks for Final Boss (Dark Iron) and seeing as I have myself some free time Im trying to decide what my next piece of badge gear should be.

    Heres what im currently packin'

    What I'm looking into getting is the Iron Tusk Girdle (since apparently the one from Leo will never drop...ever)
    Iron-tusk Girdle - Items - World of Warcraft

    Or The ring of the Stalwart Protector.
    Ring of the Stalwart Protector - Items - World of Warcraft

    I know I need to be building an Effective Health set and a Threat set to give me some options depending on the boss, but I work 45 hours a week and get off of work at 5 and raid at 6. Needless to say, its slow going

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated im always looking for ways to improve.

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    A. The Kara rep ring is vastly superior to the TK trash ring. Get that instead of the badge one for now.
    B. The 2.4 belt is better then the 2.3. Get that instead.
    C. Get the Commendation and use that instead of the Hydross trinket.

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    I wouldn't buy the [item]Iron-tusk Girdle[/item] but rather for 15 badges more get [item]Girdle of the Fearless[/item] which is more EH and *tons more threat*.

    That should be your first purchase... then I would go for the 2.4 legs before I bought the ring, but then I am not a fan of the T5 leggings unless they are achieving the 2 piece bonus. You have good enough rings to push the 2.4 badge ring later on the list.
    The beast is getting hungrier.

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