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Thread: Evaluate me please

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    Evaluate me please

    Hi was wondered if someone could help me out a little
    While i have no problems tanking when it comes to gear and upgrades i'm useless
    Currently we clear kara/ZA gruul and mag, lurker and void down in SSC and TK
    currently working on hydross then moving on from there
    What drops/badge rewards should i be looking at taking if they drop?
    Normally 1st or 2nd MT and have max BS if theres any craftable things i should be looking to get
    Thanks for your time

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    EDIT: Only just got the chest so not chanted it yet and working on mats for better leg patch

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    I think it's safe to say that your avoidance is high enough already, try to work on your EH next. You should get nice increase from badge belt and gloves with some boost to your threat aswell. Other upgrades would be trinket from heroic MgT and badge ring.

    Ps. Get Nethercleft armor kit your your leggings, please
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    You're avoidance is wayyyyyy good for the content you're at. You could probably lose some of it. t4 gloves for 1 thing sucks. it really isn't good at all. Iron Gauntlets of the Maiden are better, and the Badge Gloves are wayyy better.

    Definitely look into upgrading your belt to the new badge belt. and then upgrading the neck to the brooch of deftness.

    Likewise the new dodge ring is so good its hard to pass up.

    Go to heroic Magister's Terrace and pick up a Commendation of Kael'thas and you're all set!

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    Get new gloves first and foremost. T4 is horrible. Ideally I'd say get Bonefist and either T5 or IGotM.

    Put armor reinforcements on Bonefist and put 2% threat on T5/IG. That's if you are worried about threat, if not, then just get Bonefists and reinforce them.

    And also, get both heroic Mr. T trinkets.

    And lastly, 40 stam your legs. And I'd go out and buy Saphires for them also if they are cheap on your server. You won't be replacing them until BT, and even then Prae/T6 are sidegrades.

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