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Thread: Tankadin Suggestions

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    Tankadin Suggestions

    I am totally new to tanking and this is my first attempt. I was hoping for a review of my current Gear and Talent spec for my Tankadin. I have played the Main Tank in Kara (First few bosses) and Off Tank in Kara from Opera on and need some suggestions and advice on where to go from here on Talents and gear.

    I understand some of my gems could be better and I am in the process of change the Strength gems out for +Defense or +Stam.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Addtional Info

    I am also an Armorsmith so if there are any suggestions on patterns I should look for to improve my gear, those would be helpful as well.


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    well, granted I just respec'd to Ret (dailies took forever solo,and my guild is dead, so really no one to tank for...not to mention I was afk for 4 mos, so the people I am pugging with are SEVERELY geared over me)....I wouldn't gem anymore forDef, as you have it and then some.....also, try and get a second tanking trinket...the scryer blood gem won't do much for your survival/HP...try and find gear that doesn't have its item budget chewed up with STR if you can, its almost like SPI for a warlock (yes, I know you get more mitigation from block, but I believe the amount requires a crapload of STR to really do much of anything)

    If youy can shed some of the +def stats for +stam and Block rating, and whatever +dodge and parry you can get your hands on. After you crack the magic 490 Def, you're better off taking avoidance stats to reach your goal than +def. (I believe +def is more of an item's budget than the others, so its more efficient to add the avoidance stats- I could be wrong though)

    Spec looks good for the most part, a few things could be tweaked, but alot of those tweaks are based on player preference, not the Law of Tanking. THe Prot side looks perfect on all accounts, only thiong I would personally change would be taking the 2 points out of Vindication (most bosses are immune), and either adding those 2 points to PoJ in ret (spell miss works in PVE as well) or pick some talent in prot and toss em into it.

    You know what your'e doing, its only the itemization that has you....get some more +stam (ignore socket bonuses and go solid stars if you can), crack 12k HP and you can tank ALL of Kara...for the first few bosses though, you got a thumbs up bud.

    Good luck and show your raid Paladins have a place as MTs too!!!!


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    First off, I just have to say, I work with some guys that play Horde on your server. Kind of crazy. Any ways...

    STOP GEMMING FOR DEFENSE!!! Seriously man. You have the base 490, so any more you stack on only adds to avoidance. However, because of the horrid conversion from Defesne Rating to Avoidance, its the worst way to gem for avoidance. You would be much better off gemming for specific stats. Once you have a good 60% avoidance through Dodge/Parry/Block, you can start gemming all +12 Stam gems. Also, I really think you are hurting in the Spellpower area. I won't lie, I have never played a Prot Pally, but from my friend who have, they aim for 400-500 Spellpower. I don't know how big of a difference this makes all in all though.

    Blacksmithing upgrades:
    [item]Belt of the Guardian[/item]
    [item]Bracers of the Green Fortress[/item]

    Reputation upgrades:
    [item]Violet Signet of the Great Protector[/item]
    [item]Sunward Crest[/item]
    [item]Shattered Sun Pendant of Resolve[/item]

    Some upgrades for you via badges:
    [item]Inscribed Legplates of the Aldor[/item] Get these and gem with +15 Stam gems!
    [item]Brooch of Deftness[/item]
    [item]Slikk's Cloak of Placation[/item]
    [item]Libram of Repentance[/item]
    [item]Girdle of the Protector[/item]
    [item]Ring of Unyielding Force[/item]
    [item]Ring of the Stalwart Protector[/item]

    This is all the stuff that I can think of that would be reasonably with in your grasps seeing how you say you're just getting into Karazhan. Just remember, after 490 Defense skill, don't gem for it! :P. Also, try to get about 400ish Spellpower. In the long run it will greatly help with your threat generation, even more so than Shield Block Value will. And if you can, aim for a total of 60% avoidance via a combination of dodge/block/parry. It will reduce the over all damage you take, as well as help to lessen your chances of being victim to crushing blows. I hope this helps out some. Good luck in the future and in Karazhan.

    I hope this helps out some
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    alchamire has some good suggestions, just note that for KZ, 250ish spellpower is fine, as it will be difficult to get much higher unless you have a HEAP of BoJs sitting around. 400 Spellpower is right at about the target for the other raids though (kael, BT etc)

    yeah, shed some +def bud and start looking for avoidance itself.

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    I will disagree with the advice given that Defense is not as good as PURE avoidance.

    Getting +20 def from gems/enchants or items gives you 0.99...% pure avoidance, and 0.33...% shield block.

    Closest other PURE avoidance item is dodge. 19Dodge = 1.00???% dodge. (Lucky pocket watch, 38 dodge rating, gives 2.01% dodge)

    You also want at least 67.4% towards uncrushable(miss/dodge/parry/block +5%) if you are going to use the +blockrating libram if you will be MTing in Kara or higher areas.
    If you are not going to use that trinket,(makes it much harder to get uncrushable) then you need to be over 72.4%.

    I would recommend that instead of any more +def gems, you look at hybrid Def/Sta or Dodge/Sta if the socket bonus on the item is worthwhile (stamina or defensive stats), or just add +Stamina if it is not.
    As well, consider a +sta/agil armour kit for your legs instead of the spell thread once you start getting other pieces that have +spell damage on them. 250+ spell damage is fine for kara unless you are doing speed runs.
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