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Thread: SSC/TK ready?

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    SSC/TK ready?

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    CUrious what others think of the gear, how far it will carry possible upgrades and if there are anythings i may have overlooked. The guild i'm in is finally a full t4 guild (mag's on farm as of last tues) of mostly casual raiders. We're working on SSC/TK now and want to be sure i'm g2g for it.

    So far we've downed lurker after weeks of being boiled alive. I have a nature resist set that should be very close to the res cap but drops my Def rating something fierce >.< so any advice there would be apreciated, particularly if there is a listing anywhere of gear to stay uncrittable and max res for the fight.

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    Good work on ya gear so far mate and grtz on Lurker, hope the mace drops for you soon.

    You're good to go on all bosses in ssc and TK imo although your healers will need to rotate well on Morogrim and you will need to buff yourself to the max on him.
    Karathress may prove an issue as you'll need at least a very well geared druid for the shaman as he will eat you alive until you buff ya gear a little more.

    By the time you are ready for Vashj and Kael you will have geared up further still and should be ready for both at that time.

    For hydross, so long as you have some good healers you can go for 300 NR/FR and still maintain a resonable def rating + stam. Trust me there's really to need to go mad like some do and cap ya NR just keep a hunter handy in your group for his NR aspect.

    Keep farming those badges and pick up the new belt, then the legs. IMO the warbringer chest is absolutely fine for aaaaaaaages, or at least until you can get the ZA one.

    Drop the point in tactical mastery (pop it into anger management) and drop the Improved Def stance and go for imp shield wall, up your survivability, your healers will love you for it.

    Good luck with your ssc raids m8. All the best.

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    thanks for the heads up.

    some of my points in prot fluctuate depending on content, mostly as you said imp shield wall and imp def stance. as we're going for Hydross i'll probably keep the 3/3 def stance for the fight for the extra free mitigation. Once we're safely farming him i may swap back to 11/5/45

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