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Thread: Tank Group: Which classes

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    Tank Group: Which classes


    My guild now has 2 bosses down in BT and i was wondering what the best setup for a tank group would be.

    I am the Main Tank.

    I normally have the other tanks in my group as well as a warlock for the imp buff that is it.

    Is it worth taking the enhancement shaman out of the melee group to put in my group for the added DPS and 77 agility?

    We normally have a tank group, as mentioned above, another group for melee (rogue, dps warriors, enhancement shamans) a healer group (healers, spriests), and a DPS group (boomkin, ele shaman, casters).

    Should i take the enhancement shaman for myself? I would do this but the melee officer would cry because he won't top the meters any more.

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    Well, I wouldn't. He's a much bigger boost for your raid overall in the melee group.

    Do you have a resto shaman you could borrow? That'd be a better option.

    Mostly our main tank groups look like this...

    Warrior 1 MT
    Warrior 2 OT
    Prot or holy pally
    Resto druid
    Afflic lock

    If it's a 'one main tank' encounter then...

    Warrior MT
    Prot or holy pally
    Resto druid
    Afflic lock
    Resto shaman

    Hope that's helpful.
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    What totems should the resto shaman be using?

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    Well depending on the raid and fight i would guess,

    Fire DPS of random kind
    Mana spring.

    Though they may need the 101 Healing bonus instead of Agi/WF, depends on the healer and the fight.



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    Buff your dps as much as you can before buffing yourself. If aggro is a problem, start with moving a shaman to your group for WF. If it still is, toss in a feral druid, bm hunter, and/or ret pally. If survival is a problem, have him use WF, have a lock for imp, and/or pally with devo aura. For every fight, the better your dps is (without pulling aggro), the better off your whole raid will be.

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