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Thread: Would appreciate some feedback

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    Would appreciate some feedback

    Awsome site, has opened my eyes to some grey areas about tanking I wasn't sure about and as a MT and GM I will be sure to keep using the site and spreading the word.

    Please feel free to have a look and comment on my spec and gear, My guild are making very good progress and currenlty have All the T4 bosses on farm VR and Lurker also (although I have been unlucky in the T5 sholders dropping pah!! I think Bliz hates me :-(...), Currently we are working on Tidewalker which is proving to be tricky but I hope we will down him next reset.

    I adjusted my gear slightly after listening to the tank podcast (which was brilliant), after listening to this I replaced a few gems to increase my hit rating and agility, this was primarily for the Tidewalker fight as I was getting crushed a fair bit. For tidewalker I equip moroses pocketwatch and Kings defender, it drops my stam a little bit, but raid buffed with flask I have a little over 20k HP which should be enough, The pocket watch and Kings gives me increased dodge and a bit more armor, am I making the right decision I would appreciate some feedback, obviously I chugg stoneshield as well which all combined has helped the damage spikes considerably.

    Also any advice on gems or gear changes for Boss tanking would be much appreciated. Specially as the guild is progressing at the moment.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I look forward to hearing from u guys Kind Regards


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    the gear you have looks quite good, however i would replace the chest enchant with 150HP rather thant eh +6 stats.

    Apart fromt hat in terms of survival your looking good, however to me a MT needs to pump out the threat, and to me looks like your threat generation could be higher. Id go with the 2% threat on gloves rather than more stam, id get the 2.3 badge legs to boost your SBV, which is quite low imo. The T4 legs are not that great, and dont worry bout the 4 set bonus, nice as it is it is worth loosing for the threat gain you will get.

    Generaly however you are looking to be on track from what i can tell.



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