Invictus (Invictus Home) on the CST PvE realm Alextrasza is seeking multiple VERY active and highly skilled players.

Invictus is the top progression guild on Alextrasza and has been since the days of BWL. We have gone through regime changes and have weathered the TBC storm; the guild is still going strong. The guild currently clears Black Temple one night and spends the rest of the week in Sunwell.

Currently Seeking:

1 Warlock
1 Rogue
1 Warrior - Fury
1 Mage
1 Druid - 1 Resto.
1 Priest - 1 Holy.
1 Paladin - 1 Holy

This list is in no way exhaustive. EXCEPTIONAL APPLICANTS regardless of requirements will be considered. Not tooting our horn, but we are a skilled set of people to play with, and we could learn something from you too. Apply if this sounds promising enough.

I reiterate, all exceptional applicants regardless of class need(s) are fully supported and encouraged!

Sunday - Friday, 6:30PM till 11:30PM CST
Saturday is our off-day

We use an open DKP bidding system. Items are awarded to the highest bidder. There are no class restrictions, but everyone is expected to bid on items for the benefit of raid progression. Loot is the means for further progression, not the end itself.

General Member Requirements:

- at least 75% raid attendance and be punctual (Preferred 90%+. We raid 6 days a week minimum and it is preferred to have you at all of them.)
- pre BC raid experience (AQ40/Naxx) is a huge plus, at least full SSC/TK experience.
- maintain the best gear attainable, including enchants and gems
- bring full consumables to every raid and use appropriately (ex. at least 2 flasks per progression raid)
- able to follow directions and take criticism. (I do not want a colorful carebear that will get his/her feelings hurt at the drop of a joke. If you lack thick skin, this isn't the place for you. If you get your feelings hurt too easily from jokes or criticism, this isn't the place for you.)
- have the gold-making/farming capability to sustain multiple nights of wiping each week and constant gear upgrades
- listen in on Ventrilo (a mic is preferred and a plus)
- have oRA2/CTRA or other compatible raid assist addon
- have a raid boss warning mod like BigWigs or Deadly Boss Mods
- have Omen

If you enjoy the intense fast paced hardcore raiding enviroment and feel that you meet the above requirements, please visit our homepage and submit an application in our Recruitment forum. Well-written applications are appreciated and poorly-written ones will generally be ridiculed.

Invictus Homepage: Invictus Home
Recruitment Forum: Invictus View Forum - Recruitment

Thanks for reading.