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Thread: Commanding Shout

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    Commanding Shout

    im looking for an addon that flashes really big stuff at me when i don't have a shout up... i am finding my self forgetting commanding shout when im focusing on my rotation and what people around me are doing ... any suggestions?

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    SmartBuff does a good job of this. I have it make a sound, but I think it will flash etc. too. I see there's also SimpleSelfRebuff these days if you prefer Ace2 (and who doesn't? :P).

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    I use Power Auras:

    I don't think it's been updated but it hasn't given me any issues.

    The green ticks on each side of my character come up when I don't have a shout up, disappear when I do, and also fade if I'm not in combat so I don't have to run around Shatt with green crap on my screen.

    This link might help learning how to set it up:
    ma.sword - Power Auras Tutorial
    (yea its from a mage PoV...)

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    AnnoyingBuffReminder is what I use. Might not have been updated but I use it w/o errors in 2.4

    WoWInterface Downloads : Combat Mods : AnnoyingBuffReminder

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