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Thread: Fury vs. Arms

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    Fury vs. Arms

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Here is my question. I xfered to a guild about 3 weeks ago that is now 5/5, 9/9 as of last night. Raid setup is usually 2-3 hunters, 2-3 rogues and 1-2 dps warriors. I have had terrible luck on loot the past few weeks (I was protection for most of T5 raiding).

    The other dps war is MS (his gear is better in just about every slot), yet I outdps him consistently, even with the gear differential.

    How big are the gear upgrades I will get (Rage shoulders/T6, Archimonde/BB/T6 legs, ROS boots, T6/Council helm, new weapons)? I guess I am asking how undergeared am I for T6 content (I seem to keep up for most fights). And how big is the buff he brings to the raid (enough to bring him over me when I am consistently 300 dps higher)?

    Here is a WWS report (b4 I had the SoC I think).

    Wow Web Stats

    Any suggestions/criticism/tips for gear, gemming, enchants would be appreciated (we do not have the new badge vendor unlocked... still in phase 2 lol).

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    Fury dps is far superior to MS dps, and your gear isn't all that terrible, basically just a few ilvls behind the rest of the guild. Ungbak's armory (i assume that's who you're comparing to) also has him wearing seventh ring of the tirisfalen with his dps gear, not sure what that's about. Akama is certainly not a fight to gauge dps potential on, and the MS war got constructs fairly early on gorefiend, so a straight up comparison isn't easy to do from that parse.

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    Doesn't look like that big of a gear advantage to me. He's got a good weapon, but yours are pretty solid. Akama's a pretty bad fight to use as a primary example.
    He didn't do so hot on Terron ( 36 white swings, only 23 slams ) but he got a ghost later.
    I looked at a couple of the Blood boil attempts, and there isn't a significant difference in DPS there at all, so you aren't exactly 'consistently 300 dps higher'
    Slam is pretty dependent on latency & a good swing timer to really make it shine, so it's hard to tell where he's at.

    Blood frenzy is a pretty crazy buff. There's really no reason to have a fury warrior over a blood frenzy warrior for a single raid spot.

    You should change your AP gems to STR gems. And if you're going for yellow socket bonuses, 4 str 4 crit will be a bit better than 8 crit, though nothing ground breaking.

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