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Thread: Looking to Improve!

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    Looking to Improve!

    Ok gang I have been a long time reader of the forums and love them greatly. I have done as best I can on my own and reading up but time has come to take it a bit further. I need some adivce on how to improve my tanking. I have never had issues with threat but my raid is always running with salv. We are progressing nicely 4/6 SSc and 1/4 TK and have only been raiding since Feb with Gruul/Mags farmed, but I want to get better and make sure I have what it takes in place to keep us going. Please look my gear over and my WWS and provide any helpful feedback to get my game to the next level.

    Here is my profile:

    Character: Atlantus

    Desired role: Tank

    Spec: Protection 11/5/45

    Armory: Alantus' Armory
    Here link to my character that will not change nightly so folks can get better judgement of my gear instead of depending on the armory.
    Alantus on warcrafter.net

    WWS Character Breakdown:
    Tidewalker Kill 4/23/08 Atlantus' breakdown

    Karathress Kill 4/24/08 Atlantus' breakdown

    Desired content: Main focus is raid tanking with a minor focus on heroic 5 mans.

    WWS Threat parse from: Coolyo[dot]org

    Battle time in seconds: 615

    Heroic Strike:
    Amount: 44980 Hits: 100 Crits: 18 Dmg threat: 67245.1 Skill threat: 38810.2
    Shield Slam:
    Amount: 51279 Hits: 65 Crits: 12 Dmg threat: 76662.105 Skill threat: 35340.305
    Amount: 25166 Hits: 81 Crits: 14 Dmg threat: 37623.17 Skill threat: 14344.525
    Amount: 30758 Hits: 70 Crits: 13 Dmg threat: 45983.21 Skill threat: 24941.085
    Amount: 20940 Hits: 92 Crits: 8 Dmg threat: 31305.3 Skill threat: 0
    Shield Bash:
    Amount: Hits: Crits: Dmg threat: 0 Skill threat: 0
    Amount: Hits: Crits: Dmg threat: 0 Skill threat: 0
    Amount: Hits: Crits: Dmg threat: 0 Skill threat: 0
    Amount: Hits: Crits: Dmg threat: 0 Skill threat: 0
    Deep Wound:
    Amount: Hits: Crits: Dmg threat: 0 Skill threat: 0
    Thunder Clap:
    Amount: 2904 Hits: 19 Crits: Dmg threat: 4341.48 Skill threat: 7597.59

    Earth Shield:
    Amount: 61171 Overheal: 10% Threat: 41152.79025
    Prayer of Mending:
    Amount: 78383 Overheal: 21% Threat: 46287.121075
    Amount: 33124 Overheal: 63% Threat: 9161.2703

    Total amount of dmg threat: 263160.365
    Total amount of skill threat: 121033.705
    Total amount of healing threat: 96601.181625

    TPS: 781.78089695122

    Personal message: Ding me up as best you can as I love to improve myself and you guys may know some things that I have over looked or may simply not know. Keep in mind I have different gear sets for different fights and once I get profiles set up on Warcrafter for my threat set, avoidance set, and my resist sets I will link them.

    Thank you in advance for any advice or help you can offer.

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    Hmm, a differnt way of laying out the gear. It would seem you have focused on Threat styled build, however, I would personally not like to have done it in the maner you have. you block Value would seem a bit low for me, i tend to try to push near 475-500 when going for threat. The small amount of crit and AP you gain from the DPS gear you have IMO is not worth the trade for things you have. Do not aim for exactly 490 Def, aim higher, as it still has uses once stacked more, True do not exclued all else for it, but dont gimp yourself by staying bang on 490.

    In adition, you Have a high block rating, but a low parry and dodge, also the enchants are strange, the +6 Stats I would avoid and get eh 150 HP on chest,a s even talented with BOK it will not provide your with the raw 150 HP you can gain from the enchant. The enchant on your head i would replace with the KOT one,as def and doge is better than the small ATK power gain, and while hit is good, you can gain that elsewhere.

    Finally, if you are indeedgoing to be going for threat I would have Executioner on your mallet, rather than the mongoose. That is from what i can tell, a great boost to your threat.

    I will admit that I am not quite at the stange you are, only jsut entering SSC/TK, however these are things that I am aiming for, so do not take them as the only way, after all there are more than a few ways to gear.

    EDIT: Also what rotation are you using for threat? Since that had What looked like a SS-> Rev -> DEV, you SS, Rev and Dev number seem the same, or close to, I would expect in a perfect world to have twice as many Devs in as SS. You could have had a maximum 102 SS and revenges in the fight listed above, so your not too abd with them, but you should be looking more along 150+ Devs in that fight by my calculations, so What were you doing for the other GCD in the normal 4 stage rotation?


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    AP for tanks seems sort of a waste, I would use the other throwing knives that drop in reg magister's terrace, they have hit rating and expertise on them, should lend more to threat then AP and agility. The small amount of AP and crit you can get while staying a feasible tank will not net you as much threat as stacking expertise and BV, and at your level of progression you need all the surviveability (sp) you can get, so improve your avoidance and mitigation, and leave AP for the rogues.

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    lol I think the armory updated my gear I had on from when I posted the other day. I ran a heroic lastnight and to help with rage gen i put on some of my dps gear. lol Sorry about that. I do thank you for you advice and will try to remember to log out in my raiding gear.

    I will use a profiler that does not update until I tell it too so you guys can get a better judge of the gear I am tanking with. I do not use the daggers but rather my engineering gun with a 15 stam gem in it.

    As for my other GCD I am also keeping up TC, Demo myself as we have a fury warrior but when he is not there I am the solo warrior. So keeping up all the debuffs and such falls on my shoulders.
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