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    first to explain...

    I just FINALLY have my managed to recruit a full guild and we have started kara, so far we have it cleared in a total of four runs over two weeks time thurs/fridays.

    My gear is able to handle that... good good, BUT My question is based on badge gear and whats available for me to farm with my guild (no 25 mans yet) What should I be looking into buying and going for to maybe prepare for ZA? or even as if I was to take this furthur into SSC.

    Heres where I am at please any and all help, suggestions are welcomed I apreciate it.

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    I find myself in a similar boat as you, from what I have gathered you're going to want to get 15k unbuffed for ZA +45% ish in avoidance.

    For badge loot I would try to focus on saving badges for the SSO Belt and then sit on badges until you can replace your chest(if you get panzar Bplate you can pick up the badge bracers and slikks cloak). Also you should run H MgT until you can get your commendation.

    Hope this helps a bit, I am still rather newish in regards to what exactly is required for za and above.

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    yea I already got slikks cloak so im good to go there, we have downed Nightbane now 3rd attempt, so we are lookin good to go for future on farming.

    I been meaning to push that H-MgT for the trinket just not able to find ppl i trust to get thru it.

    Apreciate the response thnx!

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