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Thread: What now?!?

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    What now?!?

    So I am kinda at a loss. I need some Ideas for new gear. I Tank heroics but with my time schedule I get 1 maybe 2 a day if I'm lucky. Guild has stopped raiding for now, lots of people on vacation for some reason. I hate pvp.

    So with that being said I need new gear that fits these requirements.
    1.) no raid gear
    2.) if you list badge gear list it in order of Best upgrade to least upgrade as my badge income is very low
    3.) no pvp
    4.) I try to be a EH tank so keep my def above the min but after that I tend to go for more stam.

    Any suggestions are more then welcome on any topic (gem choices, talent spec, my horrid name)

    Thank you in advance


    for some reason I cant get it to link >.<

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    You have some pretty good pieces there, so you shouldn't have any problems finding a decent groups for badge farming. Most obvious upgrades I think would be Chestplate of Stoicism and Bonefist Gauntlets because you mentioned that you prefer EH. Getting badges for those two will keep you busy for a while, but meanwhile you have plenty of time to consider what to buy after that.
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