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    Hey, jus for fun, what u think?

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    Get rid of 1/5 Unbridled wrath. I just don't see any reason to have it.

    Go 5/5 anticipation, if you're gonna put 4 in there, go all the way. It's a good talent and kind of a must have to get further down the tree

    Get Imp Taunt and drop imp shield wall and fill out bloodrage with the remaining point. Or put some points into Demo shout if you don't have a DPS warrior already with 5/5 demo shout.


    Don't socket to keep socket bonuses that arent any good. Socket strait up stam if you're in the MT position. If the socket bonus is worth getting (IE MOAR Stam) I'd use it.

    Enchant your gloves with threat.

    I would replace the enchant on the chest with Health and the meta socket with the 18 stamina one. You're socketing a lot of avoidance and missing an opportunity to increase your effective health.

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