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    New to tanking world and just doing normal instances for nor except 1 Mechanar heroic and 1 time on curator.

    So what do you think about it please :

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    You would be amazed at what an increase an epic shield will do. There are quite a few good easy options available, from either rep or honor. [item]Dawnforged Defender[/item] is a pretty freakin' awesome shield that can be attained from basically just doing your dailies like a good little boy with the occasional instance run. There really isn't a good reason why you shouldn't just go honor grind for a day and get [item]Gladiator's Shield Wall[/item] though either.

    Another quite large increase in tanking abilities would come from an upgrade of your belt. The [item]Iron-tusk Girdle[/item] is a very decent item, one that would pretty much last you to BT. Sure it costs BoJs, 60 to be exact, but as long as you do those heroics, you should have it in no time. And it would be killing two birds with one stone; you'll be getting rep as well.

    Well that should be a pretty good start. Hopefully if you already did the Mana Tombs quest "Someone Else's Hard Work Pays Off" you kept the [item]Flesh Beast's Metal Greaves[/item] since they are better tanking boots than what you have, and are easy to quest level 65 blues to boot! And you already are revered with KoT, so there's no reason to not have [item]Timewarden's Leggings[/item]. Get them.

    Edit: Just noticed your chest piece. It's decent, but if you plan on going anywhere with heroics soon, I suggest something like [item]Breastplate of the Bold[/item]. It will last you till either Nightbane or Mag. Drops from Harbinger Skyriss in the Arcatraz at a ~13% chance.
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