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Thread: How do I look like?

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    How do I look like?

    Hi, i'm in a small guild in a small server. We do KZ and are trying some 25, but casually and with the help of other guilds. Currently I finished grinding rep with SSO and I'm at 6K to exalted with aldor for the inscription and the neck procs. I've 52 badges, saving them for the 100 chest. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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    Like ur gear setup. good balance of Threat gain and avoidance gear. try to get your hands on the devilshark cape from SV. best tanking cape in game. if only they upped the stam and gave it a little more armor i would use it still.
    About ur spec though. do u have a DPS warrior at all? cuz if u do most of them spec into imp demo so u shouldn't have to. it will let u put more points in the prot tree and reduce some damage. i would recomend putting the point into finishing off focused rage and then maxing imp Def. stance. will help reduce magic damage and since u r hitting 25 mans soon SSC starts with hydros and he has nature/frost damage that can be reduced.

    but other than that i like ur choice of gear.

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    Hiya, welcome to TS.

    I would suggest (In no particular order of importance):
    Picking up the Badge bracer, and putting 12 sta on it, its a very nice threat piece and will hold you off for a long time.

    Putting some chant (18 sta, blockval) on your shield, its a reasonable piece, if you dont plan to go for the Gruul's shield or the S2 (Or possibly ZA shield)

    I would get Mongoose on the KD, unless you have much shot at getting a Mallet of the Tides soon.

    While the 100 badge chest is pretty amazing, the Panz'Thar chest off Nightbane is a very very nice temporary chest.

    I would consider going for the Devilshark cape, or possibly buying the badge cape as well.

    For your spec, taking 2 out of improved demo, into focused rage would be a better investment of points, as for improved defensive stance, the amount of spell damage you take is quite small compared to what you get out of improved demo shout.
    Hope it helps.

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    I see you've enchanted your bracers and gloves for strength, presumably for the threat increase. Might I suggest a survivability enchant to bracers (12 defense or 12 stamina) and 2% threat to gloves?

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