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Thread: Hit me with it boys...

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    Hit me with it boys...

    Ok here is my link to armory

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    first give me your input on my gems as a current MT in Gruuls and mag..soon to be in SSC,

    I had 2 questions.

    1. how far will my current chest carry me in progression and what should my next chest be.?

    2. If badges/value is what I am shooting for at this point can I get by with 2.3 gloves until t6 or should I just go for 2.4 gloves...

    Love the site Cider.

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    I'd replace the defense gems with something else, like stam.

    1) Depends on if your guild can clear ZA or not. If your guild is clearing ZA I'd try to get Chestguard of the Warlord.
    If not, you're stuck with two options Chestplate of Stoicism or the T5 chest depending on how fast your guild progresses.

    2) As for gloves, I'd say just wait on t5 as well.

    That being said, whats with the trinket? (not the commendation)
    Also, may want to consider picking up the badge bracers, Bracers of the Ancient Phalanx if you don't have them already it just shows the vambraces on your armory.

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    I know ya didn't ask for talent help but I'd recommend dropping anger management and just filling out Cruelty.

    You may have threat gen issues in KZ and Heroics, but if you're going into TK and SSC as a MT, you won't.

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