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Thread: Vashj Progression ?

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    Vashj Progression ?

    what sort of progression should be looking for on the Vashj fight and at what rate? in two somewhat shortened nights we have managed to get two generators down easily and almost the third before either the naga tank dies or the striders eat someone. i personally feel we could be going faster but given our general raid history i dont feel we are doing bad.

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    We took four nights (4 hrs each) to kill her - I think that is about average for Vashj as she is now.

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    Much depends on the type of guild you are and the amount of focused time you have to spend on her each week. If you are attempting her now, you're probably similar to my guild and we just beat her last week after 6 weeks off and on working on her.

    For the fight, you can certainly guage progress by counting generators but we found that we could chaotically scramble and get a 2nd then 3rd generator down but be performing much better and still at the 2-3 generator mark.

    Some metrics to measure are:

    How many generators downed
    How many elementals slip through
    Number of people alive
    Number of mobs (naga/striders) alive at a given time
    Number of cores lost.
    Number of people alive entering phase 3

    There are so many aspects to the fight, you may find you change something and get a factor taken care of while regressing in another area. Just keep at it. This fight will expose your raid's weak spots and if not streamlined for progression raiding, you will have them.
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    My raid wiped for a month there until I fixed the strategy/raid composition/assignments. After that it took us just 1h to kill her.

    No matter how hard you try, if you going with a bad configuration of classes, or using them in non efficient ways, you will have a hard time.

    We did it this way:

    -2 tanks, 4 melees, 7 healers, 12 ranged.
    -Warlock tank on the strider.
    -Net rotation done with macros that whisper the next person to use the net.
    -4 ranged (all hunters + affliction locks) + 2 melee on the stairs, healed exclusively by 3 players.
    -4 healers in the center with no fixed healing assignments
    -Nagas and striders are tanked/kited in the kite area.
    -All the raid stay near the center for chain heal optimization and safety
    -Healers in the center remove salvation\
    -Folks on the stairs should never bother with elementals that passed, they focus on new elementals spawning, people in the center help with passed elementals
    -Nuke on the *first* naga is FANATIC, tank doesn't open with threat moves, he opens with mocking blow so people can EXPLODE the naga, tank follows with taunt.

    Killing the first naga QUICK ensures your 2 melee dps in the center will be idle for some seconds to finish elementals that passed by people looting the core.

    Also, ranged nuking the naga until it is nearly dead allows the warlock tank to establish solid agro so dps can go wild on the strider. We had many issues in the past with ranged stealing agro on the strider, or being too conservative about not agroing and putting not enought dps. So we let the warlock tank do the call for all-out dps. He is responsible if ranged steals agro, ranged is instructed to nuke as hard as they can without bothering with it.

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    Sounds very similar to our setup and approach - although I am a little more forgiving on the kiter and make it the kiter team's responsibility to manage agro

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    If you have spent weeks or months on her then your members just aren't seroius enough. I told all my raiders that if you didn't spend 30ish minutes to thoroughly understand the fight you would be removed from the guild, no if ands or buts. The result? Damn good.

    My guilds first night on her was last night. We spent the first 2.5 hours clearing the rest of the bosses then got to her and spent like an hour and 15 minutes on her. One shot P1 with 0 dead every time and got 2 generators down. Beating P2 is just going to be a matter of organizing our DPS more effectively. We kind of just threw any DPS anywhere, but Sunday we should have her down within an hour or two.

    Having a raid filled with prepared people makes all the difference in the world.


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