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Thread: New badge gear, all but chest.

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    New badge gear, all but chest.

    I had a lot of badges saved up for 2.4 and I've been able to progress quickly with those upgrades.

    I have Shard of Contempt - Items - World of Warcraft for my other trinket.
    And I have Band of Determination - Items - World of Warcraft as an alternative ring.
    With those two Items I can get up to 43 Expertise which helps a lot.

    However, I've opted to just eliminate dodge for now and hold off on the parry.
    I'd like to get my SBV up higher, but all the badge loot has expertise, hit, and dodge on it.

    The guild I'm in currently clears Kara and Gruul Weekly.
    I've done a few ZA runs with them, but ZA pugs seem to be more succussful.
    We've made attemps at Mag and Lurker, but no kills.

    So my options for gearing up are rather limited.
    I think my biggest upgrade right now would be my sheild.
    I just got those shoulders tonight, finally replacing my bold.
    I haven't been lucky enough for the ZA Boots, Shield, or Shoulders.

    Let me know what you think.
    The World of Warcraft Armory

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    I have 2 suggestions myself and please if I'm wrong I'm sorry..

    but first your talent tree you avoided the REDUCED damage in defensive stance...I'm not one to argue on talent builds cause everyone is a little different but I would think being the tank you wanna reduce as much damage as possible, personally I would dump out the imp demoralizing shout and use those point for reduced damage the effect in long run is way more benificial.

    2ndly.... I have same shield as you but once you look at the numbers for a trade off on health of just a 100ish or so you can get the Exalted Shattered sun offensive one but gain in almost every other area. To me the shield is an upgrade and could give you a boost on some stats you may be seeking.

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    I will agree with everything Sharagath has said, loose the anger managment and the demo short points, and put them into Improved Def Stance, saves a lot of magic dmg in the long run. Have a DPS warrior do the Demo shout.

    As for the gear, if your farming Gruul, then try and get the shoulders from HKM, as they will be a nice upgrade. alternately there are the ones from the timed run in the first ZA boss, if u are able to do the time bit. As for the boots, don't worry about them too the ones you have are still good, though ofc if u see the ZA ones drop try and get them.

    The shield from Gruul, the one with the stupidly low drop rate, is a very nice shield both for threat and EH, however until then either get the badge one of the SSO one, both will result in a HP drop slightly but a bigger threat generation.

    Apart from what has been mentioned you have very nice gear, and until your guild progresses further then there really isn't much more that come to mind that would be of use as an upgrade.



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    Thanks for the responses.

    The Imp Def Stance only affects spell damage.
    4% of a 2500 nuke isn't that much, but as you said, I'm sure it all helps.
    The only points I can give up are imp Demo, so I could do 2/3 Imp Def Stance.

    I was thinking of the SSO's shield. It was a loss in HP, but it was an upgrade in other fields.
    I made a 2v2 with a holy pally of mine and we're losing 10 games a week (not on purpose) to work on Arena points. It's a long ways away, but I'm saving for the S2 shield.

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    Your spec is fine. It is a threat spec vs a maximum damage reduction spec. Honestly I am going to go to a similar spec whenever I can be bothered to find a warrior trainer. For the content you are doing, your are geared plenty where threat becomes more important than survivability. Until you find yourself having difficulty surviving in your current guilds content, stick with the threat spec.

    Those 2 points in Imp Demo shout reduce physical damage inc to you by something like 1-1.5% -- there are only a couple boss fights where Imp Def Stance over those two points makes more sense... unless you have someone else to do Imp Demo or Imp CoWeakness.
    The beast is getting hungrier.

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    I would say more so heroic strike points and anger management could go, so you still get points for Demo shout and Imp def. but thats just my suggestion kind of a win in both areas for that plus you should still be able to generate enough rage to do heroic dumps without speccing for less rage to use it.

    heroic strike is NOT a main threat gen. it should be considered after rage has been topped and threat is already established so using points for it when you are trying on Progression/Learning doesn't seem to logical really.

    My advice based on this statement:

    "We've made attemps at Mag and Lurker, but no kills."

    You are looking to improve yourself with limited options on gear because really you already have a great start... change up spec some and hopefully it will make up the difference you seek on downing mag, lurker and more.

    And shattered sun offensive shield exalted!! If your close on the rep its an easy pick over the one you have.

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    Thanks again.

    I failed to mention that I am NOT the MT.
    I am the 3rd tank, under another warrior and a pally.

    The only thing I MT are Heroics, Kara, and ZA.

    The last time we tried Mag was pre-nerf.
    Last weekend the server was having issues so we couldn't make attempts.
    Hopefully we'll make our first 2.4 attempt and kill.

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