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Thread: Entry into higher SSC/TK

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    Entry into higher SSC/TK

    Hey everyone.

    I'd like some suggestions on upgrades to my gear if that's possible. I've been away from the game for a few months and when I left I was one of the main tanks (was -THE- main tank for a little while) in a Karazhan/Gruul farming guild which was attempting Void Reaver and Lurker for a while. To cut this bit short the guild disbanded after progress stopped and I left the game.

    Now most of the guilds are progressing into SSC and TK (and above with the removal of attunements) and I have applied for a guild which is 4/5 SSC and 3/4 TK, 1/5 MH. The gear I have at the moment is probably some of the best from a few months ago, but with the recent Badge's of Justice rewards I've noticed that peoples HP and things has shot up (back when I was playing 14.6k unbuffed was quite high (my current HP level with no buffs of any kind), now I see people with 15.2k up etc).

    I'd like some of you to point out the most important upgrades I should shoot for from Badge's of Justice (and probably boss drops in SSC/TK, in highest priority to lowest) when joining this upper level SSC/TK guild which is venturing into MH so I can be a reliable tank for them. They also do Zul'Aman regularly and I haven't looked much into the items there, and which could be quite significant upgrades for me.

    My Armory is here.

    Is +stamina still best to socket for? Are there new gems that have came out which are better now? Is avoidance preferred over +stamina these days? How much avoidance etc? Possibly how much Threat Per Second (TPS) should a Protection warrior at this stage be expected to put out on boss fights? I really have been away for too long! A lot of things have changed and I've forgotten quite a bit!

    Please help me out
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    I currently am at about the point you were when you left, and yes things have changed since you left, the most important of the changes is the introduction of Expertise, its THE tanking stat in alot of peoples opinion now, it is still very important to stack the old style stats as you normally would, however i would try and get the new badge leggings that have just come out (may not be out on your server yet though) they have good stam and armour, giving good EH, high def and dodge of them and also some Expertise. TPS, well atm omen claims i put out about 900-1100 TPS, however parsing recent WWS reports iv had points to a true TPS of more around 600-800 depending on the fight. So i would look to be going say 100 TPS higher once you get some more T5 and badge gear, Some other people who are at that point or further should be able to give more accurate info on that however. As for gems, yes for progression tanking, EH (stam and armor) is still the way to go for most fights.

    One thing that i would advise is to listen the the newest podcast that Ciderhelm and lore did, it is reviewing gear stats and ideas to gearing. So basicly a pod cast dedicated to what you were asking about, its long, but well worth listening to imho.

    Hope this is of some use to you.



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