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Thread: Yet another badge gear question :P

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    Yet another badge gear question :P


    After resting from wow for a 2 months im getting my ass back there pretty soon.Thing is i dont wanna join back my old guild (and any other) cause i prefer to farm some gold at the moment and level bs + engi ^^ that would leave me with lots of time which i could spend on running hc's...

    Now my question is how "nice" is that all new tanking gear actually? What would that let me tank when im gonna be ready for raids? Should i get all of it or just some parts?

    here's my armory link btw The World of Warcraft Armory

    Any suggestion/opinion much appreciated! ^^ (and also sorry for my eventual grammar mistakes, my english got bit...rough lately)

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    Badge Belt, legs, bracers, and ring would be pretty big improvements. If you are going engineering then goggles are very nice, and please put the Defender glyph on it, never seen someone use an arcane resist glyph before on their normal tanking set. SSO rep neck to save badges. Also the SSO rep shield would be an improvement over shatar rep one, and no badges necessary. Start getting into heroic magister's terrace for the 2 trinkets, and you should be good to go.

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