Hey Guys I'm not hurting for gear in anyway but with all this new stuff coming I wanted a few suggestions. Basically i have like 300 badges and I am planning on picking up all the new badge gear and wearing it for most fights. Over my current set I should see some nice changes. 493 more armor, -9 stam, 40 dodge rating, 27 def rating, -3 hit rating, 45 expertise rating, -30 block rating, -20 block value. Overall it seems like I am gaining 2.81% more hits based on my loss of hitrating and my gain of parry reduction since I am dodge capped. between dodge and def rating ill get 3.49% more avoidance. and 454 more Effective health. Then my only loss is the 20 block value (server maintenance, too much time on my hands). I will Gem for socket bonuses on pretty much everything.

Really what I want is an overall idea of what people think i should do. I am possibly switching guilds and with this other guild i ran with we downed winterchill on second attempt and no one had done him, so Pepe's Shroud of Pacification is on its way and hopefully Kaz'rogal's Hardened Heart. I was thinking of using the new Commendation of Kael'thas in place of my Auto Blocker I was going to keep the auto blocker for trash but on threat sensitive boss fights I want to pick up Shard of Contempt . Other considerations are things like, should i get Cleaver of unforgiving , should i regem more health since im already at 15-16k. Should I pick up the Vengeful Gladiators Chest and gem it stam, or should i keep the Chestplate of Stoicism when i get it. What gear should I be looking out for as I raid SSC+. Should i pick up Signet of Last Defender or should i keep Violet Signet and wait for Band of Eternity . My Shermanar Great-Ring is being replace by Ring of the Stalwart Protector, I am just not sure if the Timer ring is better than Kara ring for anything but burst threat, you lose tons of armor. Anyway any ideas or insight would be appreciated or just letting me know im going in the right direction with my stuff. I am going to start doing the begining of MH and BT and hopefully downing Kael and Vash soon, I know tanks at my same gear level already doing it on my server, but i want to set up my guild for the best chance of progressing.

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