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Thread: Am I ready for ssc/tk?

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    Am I ready for ssc/tk?

    Hi! I've been doing kara and gruul for a while. I'm in a guild that does za as well and has been progressing fairly well in SSC and TK but lost a bunch of members and now I'm one of the new tanks and I guess I'll be MTing some.

    The Armory Link

    I just got nightbane's chest yesterday (I had brestplate of the bold for some months) so I'm not so sure the new badge chestpiece will be such a good upgrade anymore. Beside the Shattered Sun neck I got yesterday (I'm aldor, so the proc is dodge) I've also got Barbed Choker of Discipline for avoidance. Now, my question is what should I be focusing on next? And am I ready for ZA and ssc/tk? Is the neck ok or should I switch it for brooch of deftness? I've got 125 badges atm.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Yeh i started with similar gear, make sure you have a frost/nature resistance set if your starting ssc/tk with your guild. Just a question, why didn't you buy the new shield from sso if your exalted?


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    Hmm. Well basically I trade avoidance (defense) for a higher threat output right? And I'm not sure if threat will be a bigger problem than actually surviving the hits on bosses in ZA (I hear the bear is a freak) and in ssc.

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    I'm in the same boat, I think. I want to break into T5 content with a righteous fervor, but not sure if my EH pool is up to snuff... I'll probably try to break into it as Fury to get used to the layouts, positioning, and intensity of the fights, then respec Prot to give it a go myself.

    With mostly Kara & Badge gear...

    14k health
    16k armor
    35-44% avoidance (parry+dodge only)
    27-37% block
    660-802 SBV

    Currently, I'm 12/12 Kara, 2/6 ZA, and I've done Gruul's and Mag's successfully. (Groups I get into can't seem to down Jan'alai or Halazzi)

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    Our Warrior Class lead posted a generalized MINIMUM requirements for our warriors to get into SSC:

    15,000-15,500 HP
    16.5k+ AC
    TPS 750+

    OT (trash)
    13,500 HP
    13,000 AC
    TPS 590+

    1700 AP
    Max hit
    650+ DPS

    Rogues do it from behind, but Druids do it on all fours.
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