I`m at a bit of a loss at the moment, as were nearing the end of SSC I find myself sat on a pile of DKP and seemingly nothing to spend it on, as you can see

The World of Warcraft Armory

I'm largely in badge gear with the shoulders I managed to snaffle off VR a long while back.

I also have :-

Kings Defender w/ mongoose (tend to use for avoidance set, as sun eater still hasnt dropped for me)
Decapitator (use this for low rage/offtanking stuations to make devastate more effective)
Blazefury w/potency (usually just ends up being an offhand when I DW now)

S1 Shield Wall (stam enchant, used in my hydross gear atm, the resillience helps toward uncrittable)
Nightbane Shield (w/ block enchant, for block/threat set)

Other bits of armour:-

Tier 4 shoulders(gemmed for avoid), maiden gauntlets, attumen bracers (gemmed/enchanted for avoid), moroe's belt.

Dabiris enigma (only tend to use this in avoid heavy fights, would be replaced as soon as moroes stops hiding his pocketwatch or hydross drops his scarab)
Goblin Rocket launcher (use this a lo in ZA, the 45 yard pull range with stun and 2k threat seems useful)
Gnomeregan Auto-Blocker (threat set)

I guess what I`m actually askign is whether I should be trying to pick up any pieces from ssc/the eye, or am I ok to keep hoarding DKP and pssing those tier bits to the other raid members until BT/Hyjal, Im not having any problems especially at the moment, but It`s nice to be able to plan ahead, and the Tier 5 set bonus does seem strong along with its stats as far as avoidance goes. We have ZA pretty much on farm and I usually have a lock on whatever dros tankwise from there, so potentially I have the zuljin chest and malacrass helm avalable in the near future.