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Thread: H-PVE Prot Warrior Looking For A New Home

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    H-PVE Prot Warrior Looking For A New Home

    Good Morning! I am a protection warrior who is in search of a guild that wants to do more than farm kara for badges for eternity. I would much rather see new content and progression than farm for badge gear endlessly. I am currently clearing 3 bosses in ZA, have not downed dragonhawk yet but not for lack of trying I have downed HKM and Gruul, have not seen any other 25 man content but want to more than anything else. My current tanking gear has me at 16,500 hp and 17,100 armor, with pretty good avoidance and blocking stats. I am a firm believer in research and preparation, I do not show up for fights without reading about them first or watching video if available, and I do not show up without pots/flasks/consumables. I am looking for a guild that wants to do at least 2 nights a week of solid raiding, with the intent of seeing as much as possible before x-pac. Please contact me if you think I would be a good fit for your guild, and have a great week!

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    Knights of the Serpent of Terenas-US can use a knowledgeable, reliable tank.

    We have fully cleared all T4 content and ZA. We have downed Hydross, Lurker, and Void Reaver. And Leotheras to 13%. We are currently the #9 Horde guild on our server (WowJutsu: World of Warcraft Guild Rankings: Terenas).

    We normally do progression raids Friday, Sunday, and Monday nights 6:30-10:30 server time (US Mountain Time).

    Please visit our recruitment forum for more information:
    Knights of the Serpent Forums - GuildPortal Guild Hosting

    Feel free to contact our officers in game or email us at kotsguild@gmail.com.
    Signu - Commander
    Sealedfaith - Lt. Commander
    Chillfire - Raid Leader
    Restitution - Treasurer
    Critt, Fatherrot, and Mxgeneral - Sentinel

    Check out my blog

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    Ack! That would bring Tattman to Terenas!!! o.O
    The beast is getting hungrier.

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