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How do you keybind a letter to abilities not listed in keybindings? The stances are not listed in there.

Examples: Mapping Revenge to the Q key or the stances to letter keys.
Not sure how everyone else would do it, but I use bongos bar mods because I think their binding mechanism is top notch. Basically you put things on a bar, could be hidden or not and bind them to whatever you want. You can even assign bindings directly to abilities in your spell book or macro list.

On a side note, I enjoy this site quite a bit and just listened to this podcast today. I've been preaching this stuff for years!

My 2 cents. I'm in the "ESDF" movement club, with S and F still bound as "turn", but only use them in conjunction with right-click steering, which makes them behave as strafe instead of turn. I feel that ESDF gains some real estate over wasd, is more comfortable, and makes chatting seamless. I also do not have things like sit, unsheath/sheath weapon, character pane bound anymore. For example:

Z = Holy Shield
A = Consecrate
2 = SoR
3 = SoCr
4 = SoW
X = Exorcism
V = Bubble/unbubble macro
Shift-V = LoH
Alt-V = BoP macro
Wheelup = Judge (rebound camera zoom to shift+wheel)
WheelDwn = Hammer of Justice (see above)
Alt-Wheeldwn = Hammer of Wrath
middle mouse = Righteous Defense
Mouse side button1 = Vent
Mouse side button2 = cleanse
Alt-mouse side b2 = Avenger's sheild

That's a sample of how I have my bindings set up. I also do have an N52 speed pad, and I like it. The single most important thing I did when setting that up was using the D-pad at the thumb for my "modifier" keys (shift, ctrl, alt). Since I use a lot of shift+ and alt+ bindings, this made it incredibly comfortable and quick. Instead of doing some weird hand contortions to hit alt-v, its a very comfortable no-movement action.

Anyway, hopefully this is helpful to someone Love the site and the podcasts!