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Thread: Hydross Nature Resist Set

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    Hydross Nature Resist Set

    How does my NR set look? I reached crit immunity, will only be 2 resist shy of resist cap, and still have 12.6k unbuffed HP. My guild will be taking on Hydross this week and I want to be sure I'm not screwing anything up. Thanks for your comments.

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    Your set isn't in the armory when I looked but 12.6k is a bit low for hydross, but not a huge problem (I did it with about the same when we started). If you want to improve take your non-resist slots (waist, boots, trinkets) and boost your stam if you can. Also remember that armor doesn't count for this rfight (resist is your armor), so swaping in high stam items even if they are poorer quality, may help as long as you stay at the 490 cap or above.

    Get yourself some nightmare seeds to help with your last mark and you'll be fine. Happy lewtz!

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    I was lucky enough to find lvl 70 "..of Nature Protection" cloak which is a significant boost to your resistance with total of +36NR when enchanted. This prevents the problem I have in Frost set where I have to sacrifice more equipment slots for resistance items.

    If no one in your guild can do +15NR enchant, just do a quick AQ20 run to get CC reputation up.

    Another thing to consider is farming some Ethereum prison keys and go open them in hopes of a rare quality +NR or +FR ring. Both give +27sta, +18 resistance and some random stats. Ask around in guild if people are going to open those and join them. Drop rate doesn't seem too bad, although I'd rather have my frost ring with +agi aswell instead of +healing.
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