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Thread: keybind questions

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    keybind questions

    I have been using the following keybinds for a while now and I dont have easy access to heroic strike / shield block which is a problem.

    My left hand rests on the movement keys for mobility fights and just on the number keys for stationary.

    1 shield slam
    2 revenge
    3 devastate
    4 taunt (or swich to def stance in all other stances)
    5 Intervene

    R = spell interrupt
    Q & E still bound to strafe

    For lack of a better solution I've just macro'd in Shield block to Shield slam and revenge, and added heroic strike to Devastate.

    Now that I have the T5 2 Set bonus I think I'll keep shield block macro'd into shield slam - I'd want that extra shield value on the slam and I assume the marco will accomplish that.

    I'm looking for a nice heroic strike solution - I'm not much of a piano player and hitting HS with one finger of my left hand while maintaining the rotation with the remaining 3 sounds challenging Having shield block handy but not always up would be nice for Heroics.

    I was thinking of retasking the scroll wheel to do heroic strike to bleed off rage.

    Any input appreciated.

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    I do it like this

    1)Macro Sheild block/revenge
    2)Shield Slam
    3)Macro Devestate/Heroic Strike
    4)Devestate for rage starved situations

    Other things like taunt, bloodrage, intervene i have bound to my mouse buttos/wheel.

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    Only level 20 atm, so dont have everything available. But what I use:

    F: Revenge
    G: Shield Bash
    C: Sunder Armor
    X: Shield Block
    V: Heroic Strike
    Scroll Button Left: Thunderclap
    Scroll Button Right: Taunt
    Mouse Button 4: Bloodrage ***
    Ctrl + Scroll Button Left: Demo Shout
    Ctrl + Scroll Button Right: Battle Shout

    In the middle of learning to play Using the WASD keys (Q+E for strafing too) with my Little Finger, Finger next to it, and middle finger, rather than my index on D. This lets me have my Index finger available for everything around it (easily accessible, very, actually).

    Thinking of rebinding the X button to 2 instead, since its a lil awkward to reach for.

    Using a Logitech G5 mouse - Love it for WoW with all the additional buttons that are available

    EDIT: *** above

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