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Thread: Final Green item

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    Final Green item

    alright i'm doing alright in my gear progression but i still have an ugly old green rifle (I just restarted playing after a 6-8 month layoff):
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Should I focus on gettin the gyro-destroyer rifle or the blue from heroics?

    i realize they are upgrades but is 150 HP worth that kind of $$?

    (BTW I have a new cloak and boots that'll show up tonight, they may or may not be enhcanted when you look, but will be enchanted soon).

    Would time be better spent building a FR resist set (already have NR set)? or possibly collecting badges for a chest/belt upgrade?
    Right now we are in early SSC/TK (2/6, 1/4).

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    You want the Gyro, it is the best money I have ever spent except for the Furies deck. I have been MTing my guild for a loooong time and I haven't even considered changing it for anything yet. Now that money is even easier to get (hard to imagine that is could get easier) then you NEED to get this.

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