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Thread: Where to ?

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    Where to ?

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    If that shows my actual tanking set, you'll see that I have 90% of the best stuff pre-Kara. Don't tell me about my weapon, I know, I like it though and it will do just fine while I am working for the Sunwell rep weapon on my way to the sunwell rep shield. Other than that, and getting nightstrike from MgT - I don't know where to go. I plan on trying to get brooch of deftness, but after that everything seems to have stagnated. Kara is not really happening, so what I am looking for is any suggestions on how to get gear. Hell - recommendations on how to pick up heroics faster. I have sat in queues for heroics for hours and ended up with huntards in pre-outlands greens trying to do heroic Mech. I just don't know if there is anything I can do at this stage that can improve my gear without going into raids (which I can't seem to do lol) so - help please ^_^

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    Find a guild, or a small group of E-friends and just run heroics...eventually you'll find a group of people you're comfortable with and heroics will be easy to come by.
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