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Thread: Archimonde: Fear in giant flaming letters?

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    Archimonde: Fear in giant flaming letters?

    I've been looking for a good addon to make it harder for me to miss fears on Archimonde—I have a habit of running my eyes around the UI to keep track of raid status, cooldown status, etc., and because of exactly how Archie's fears work, I'll sometimes be slow on the draw to stance dance when a fear comes up.

    So—can anybody suggest a tool I can use to avoid missing this?

    Optimally, it would be something that doesn't show anything except when he's casting fear (or could be configured to do this). If it was in giant flaming letters five stories tall in the center of the screen, with an accompanying sound effect, that would be a plus.

    P.S. Is anybody else irritated that something this dangerous has such a large variance in timing while at the same time has no normal in-game warning except the casting bar? The lack of any "earth shake" or audible yell really throws all of my reflexes off. I'm sure I'll get used to it, but ugh.

    Anyway, thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    Yea I had the same problem with the fear. The "cure" so far for me is that I normally look at my Quartz GCD so I moved the cast bar right under that.
    Although the fear can come up to a minute after the CD. Another way to do it is to just keep and eye on the cast bar after the CD and not even worry about spamming heroic strike or anything else outside your normal 4 (or 3) rotation

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    I also made my quartz target cast bar huge and move it right in the middle of my screen for this fight. lolol

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