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Thread: Quartz setup

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    Quartz setup

    I recently loaded Quartz as a replacement for Attack Bar (apparently broken in 2.4) but it seems to be only working when I perform a Slam. That is the swing timer only appears after a slam and disappears after the following autoattack. Is it suppose to start tracking after each autoattack or is this how Quartz is supposed to work? I was expecting the swing timer to be continuously cycling on my weapon speed as long as I keep autoattacking.

    autoattack - hit
    slam start cast (Slam cast bar appears)
    slam hit (Quartz swing timer starts)
    autoattack hit (Quartz swing timer stops)
    (if a slam is not done at this point, the swing timer never appears again)

    If this is not the way it is supposed to work can a fellow forumite do a screen shot of some of their settings to get the Quartz swing timer working?

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    Each type of timer is enabled and setup individually. Go to Quartz's config (/quartz) and turn on the Swing timer. Go to: http://www.wowace.com/wiki/Quartz for more information.
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    Try running the Ace updater and getting the latest version of Quartz. I was having this exact same problem with a version of Quartz that was less than a month old and I thought was the latest, but Ace found an update and now my Quartz works swimmingly.

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