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Thread: Sunstrider Warboots... how good are they?

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    Sunstrider Warboots... how good are they?

    So, i just won the roll on these boots, and looking them, they seem more of a sidegrade than an upgrade. Don't get me wrong, the ArP is pretty nice, but the lack of crit doesn't really inspire me to use them atm.
    I used the +20 ap gem from the quest reward and a sovereign nightseye on them and i was thinking some surefooted enchant for my future fury gear.
    Right now i'm using Vindicator's Plate Greaves/Vortex Walking Boots since i'm doing 33/28 Dps on raids, but for future raids with a 17/44 spec they look nice.

    What do you guys think?

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    When I saw them, they looked like a sidegrade from the Kara ones.
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    Nyn'ja's Tabi Boots are still better.

    Also, Cat's Swiftness > Dexterity >> Surefooted

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