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Thread: Help me become a better tank!

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    Help me become a better tank!

    I went mental when the maintank of our guild announced his departure -because now i am going to become the maintank of the guild

    Atm. we've cleared Kara and Gruul - so we're killing Void and Lurker and progressing as i speak.
    but i need some advice on how to improve since i'm torn in between alot of decisions - and i hope i've come to the right place

    link to armory:

    Atm. I'm using Blazefury for threat, Mallet of the Tides as tank, and King's Defender for migration. -Aldori Legacy Defender haven't dropper for me yet, but it will of course replace the PvP shield.

    I have lots of resist gear and lots of dps for switching out for more hit and expertise.

    But here are my problems:

    1) Specc
    So far, i've been with a offtanking/max-threat-for-no-rage-specc which of course needs to be changed alot. So far, i've come up with the following:
    I would love to hear your thoughts.

    2) Badge loot (:OO)
    2.4 is awesome! so much badge loot to pick from <3 - sadly it leaves me in a dilemma. Because i'm the proud owner of 70 Badges of Justice, still 30 away from an awesome chest replacement (which i need if you look at my armory). But i also think i need to generate as much threat as possible, so maybe i should buy Bracers of the Ancient Phalax and Brooch of Deftness instead - theng et the chest (much) later?

    3) Moar?
    More you guys think i should keep in mind while maintanking? I've been offtanking for quiete a while and i'm generating alot of threat by myself - and of course i've tanked many heroics.

    thanks ALOT beforehand for reading and your help

    PS: I'm the lucky owner of Commendation of Kael'Thas <3

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    The only thing i can really see from first glance is that you dont have improved blood rage. I find this skill VERY useful for opening pulls. I would suggest swapping out 2/2 in imp taunt for 2/2 in imp bloodrage. This will make your pick ups much quicker. As MT you wont be using taunt as often anymore since most raid bosses are not tauntable and trash shouldnt live through more than 1 taunt anyway. Just a thought.
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    anyone else? please guys!

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    get a helm enchant, and sort that poopy bracer one

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