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Thread: Raid Icon Mod

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    Raid Icon Mod

    I am looking for a good mod to apply raid icons that is up to date or at least works with 2.4. Ace preffered but not nesscary.

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    For a long time I just used keys mapped for all 9 symbols but recently I started using MagicMarker. It's pretty smart and knows what kind of CC each class can do, for example it will not mark a sheep target if there is no mage in the group/raid.

    I haven't tried it out but you can send your setting to another player so they can mark an instance the same way you do.

    It is also Ace based.

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    I just tried Luckycharms2 addon last night and liked it a lot. It is ACE written too.

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    If you use Fubar, CharmsFU works well. It works post 2.4. I have "load out of date" checked, so it may not be updated, but that is just an issue of changing the TOC.
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