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Thread: Def/Avoidance changes in 2.4?

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    Def/Avoidance changes in 2.4?

    Ok, I might just being going crazy, but it seems like I've gained 15 defense and lost about 4% block rating since Monday night. I've looked over my gear a few times and haven't noticed any differences and I haven't seen anything about changes (or fixes, since it's possible that the tooltips were incorrect before, I suppose) in def/avoidance calculations either documented or undocumented for the 2.4 patch.

    Has anyone else noticed any discrepancy?
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    I haven't noticed a difference. I'm still running my standard absurdly high 535 defense. Lol.

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    Do you happen to have [item]Battleworn Tuskguard[/item] from ZA, it changed from 40 block rating to 40 defense rating.

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