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Thread: Getting ready for ZA / general upgrades

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    Getting ready for ZA / general upgrades

    first off, my armory link:

    As you can see, I do some Kara (roughly every other week) and get my gear from heroics. I've had terrible luck with tank drops in Kara, but that's life I guess.

    I asked a warrior tank of the guild I do Kara with (they do MH and BT usually) whether I was ZA ready, and he told me I wasn't quite there yet.
    He suggested getting replacements for my shoulders, boots and ring.

    Shoulders are [item]Gladiator's Plate Shoulders[/item], he suggested [item]Fanblade Pauldrons[/item] as a replacement. Personally, I don't really see it. Trading 23 Sta and 287 AC for 1.65% avoidance doesn't sound like that big an upgrade to me.

    Boots are [item]Ironstriders of Urgency[/item] socketed with 2x12 Sta, which replaced my [item]Flesh Beast's Metal Greaves[/item] in lieu of a [item]Battlescar Boots[/item] drop. I figure my next upgrade would be [item]Jungle Stompers[/item], but I'd need to be ZA ready to get those, obviously.

    Ring is [item]Garona's Signet Ring[/item]. No luck with Shermanar. I have [item]Iron Bank of the Unbreakable[/item], but it's not a huge EH upgrade either.

    So what can I get to be ZA ready before 2.4? I don't want to upgrade my chest, legs and belt, as I have upgrades planned for them already (arena and 2.4 badge loot, respectively), and I don't want to spend a single badge before 2.4..

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    the tank is nuts about the shoulders, the glad shoulders are awesome, and way better than fanblade, the 1.65% avoidance is neglible compared to that much stam and ac. Arguably the flesh beasts are good because they're more balanced than the iron striders but hey they do give a lot of hp and agi gives some nice dodge i suppose. They're not terrible, and yeh jungle stompers would be the upgrade to shoot for.

    I'm not sure where you could upgrade really except that your ring might be good if you get say... [item]Elementium Band of the Sentry[/item] from arcatraz but that's all I can think of without looking at your armory directly. You'll want EH for ZA, avoidance is good and all, but a lot of the bosses there will hit like dump trucks compared to kara.

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    Definately work on the EH, Nalorakk hits harder than anything in Kara. The biggest upgrade I could see you going for is the legs, they are way better than timewarden's, much better than wrynn if they drop also. I also have to agree with Kaz, I use S1 shoulders, and would laugh at the person who told me to put fanblade, or even dementia on instead. Boots of Elusion should drop off trash in kara, those would be lots of avoidance for you, otherwise battlescar would be nice. If you can find someone to sell you plans for red havoc I loved those till jungle stompers dropped. Just make sure you have plenty of consumables for ZA and with a couple gear ups you should do fine. Good Luck!

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    Seems like 2.4 will hit this wednesday, so this thread is moot anyway
    Thanks for the help guys!

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    2.4 did hit, so yeah, pick up the badge bp/legs if you have the badges to spare and you're good to go for ZA.

    One great thing that you have going for you: you have decent hit rating. Maybe it's just my bad luck, but I've had taunt resisted 3x in two Nalorekk fights (twice when I was at 80'ish hit rating, once at 122). Since a lot of your tanking gear already has hit, you'll have to swap out less to get it up if you're unlucky like me (as it is, I'm swapping in Attumen's crossbow, a 22 hit-rating trinket, and at least one other piece that's escaping me right now)

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