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Thread: Zul'Jin aggro resets

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    Zul'Jin aggro resets

    I'm having trouble with the aggro resets on ZJ.

    Maybe I've just been lucky before to have him focused on me after the reset the vast majority of the time... If there's a hunter, we'll use MD's on the transition and have the hunter start firing as soon as he shapeshifts into whatever form (except for the eagle, of course). In the past, I haven't had too much trouble with this.

    So, last night we are doing him and just not having much luck. After a few attempts getting him to 3%, 4%, etc., we have a great attempt underway, cutting through his HP nice and fast, everything seems to be looking good for a fast easy kill. Then we get to the 40% transition to Lynx, I have a full bar of raged saved up. I wait for him to turn humanoid, wait another ~1 sec or so, then unload a HS/SS, HS/Rev, HS/Dev, HS/SS - then I notice my threat has become 0 again (on Omen), and he's chasing a healer. That healer dies, then he goes after a hunter (who has done nothing except MISDIRECT me), hunter dies, then he's back on me after killing both of them. WTF?

    Anyway, it would seem that Omen is aware of exactly when the threat reset happens, but apparently I am not. Anyone know what the exact timing is on this? I thought I had it pretty much nailed after 15+ kills on this guy, but I'm doubting myself now.

    After about 6 total attempts, it was pretty late, and being a Sunday night, we had to call it quits and leave him alive - which just pains me, especially now that the damn vendors don't have crawdads and potions on every zone reset...

    Suggestions? Advice?

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    aggro reset happens when he assumes the new animal form, so right when you see him go from human to the next form, is when you need to HS+SS.

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    I've been noticing that the pick-ups coming into phase 4 are real tricky, one thing I do as a pally is get in there and start stacking SoV on him as soon as he hits 41% health, this coupled with a few consecrates and a judgement as soon as he becomes the lynx usually pulls aggro onto me (my judge = shield slam tps wise). I would say getting in there as soon as you can and even throwing a rend on him if you have to -- think leo the blind picks ups :P Otherwise, tell your healers to wait a few seconds to start healing on the phase transitions (except P1 --> P2, as the bear hits like a mack truck).

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    Are you sure you're not mistaking his threat reset with the 15k dmg ability in P4?

    Other than that I tell my DPS to stop everything on transitions. We just did it last night and we had no problems with it.

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    Yeah, it wasn't a Fixate. He was straight up meleeing them.

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    Picking him up is the hardest bit on the fight. If you have sound on then, for phase4 when you hear this catch phrase. "My friends Fang and Claw" you have 1 second to get agro off him. Perfect time to chuck a frisbee (pala here) and then judge/shield slam and you have solid agro off the bat. Either listen to the cues and get ready to press your agro tools or watch for the form change.

    Each form phase when he says the form name "Like my bruttah bear" "look up to the skies to see the dragon hawk" you have about 0.5-1s to get close. The words in bold are "cue" for me to start charging up the frisbee since in 0.5s he will finish his form shape.

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    Graphically talking, the threat reset happens when he shifts into the new form.

    The easiest way is telling people to stop anything they are doing. That INCLUDES healing, unless it's critical (es: dotted person from p1)
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