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Thread: need help with macros

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    need help with macros

    i have no idea how to set up macros, when to use them or what order to put them in. feel stupid and will probably catch a lot of crap for these questions but...i have been just clicking on the action bar and this obviously makes it difficult to keep an eye on the actual action. i have been reading a lot of the posts here and they seem to be geared to someone who has at least a little clue about this stuff. obviously a total noob here, just started playing WoW and cant stop...lol (i want to be a good tank)

    please help...

    what i need:

    1. setting up macros for dummies. from start to finish. (need every button)
    2. how to use them once set up
    3. when and on who to use each one of them (mobs or solo/boss)
    4. basic macros that everyone should have
    5. good tank macros and good solo macros
    6. how to spam a macro

    i prolly have more questions then that but should get me started....lol

    thanks in advance for any serious help.

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    Read up on
    Macro - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft
    it covers the basics. What macros to create, when and how to use them is a matter of how you like things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bellrogg View Post
    6. how to spam a macro
    Like this:


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