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Thread: Am i Good for Kara, Gear and talent check please.

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    Am i Good for Kara, Gear and talent check please.

    Alright, my guild is a casual guild and we will soon be starting kara, i have never "tanked" in kara before so i have been tryign to gear up liek crazy. anyway here is my Armory.
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Also what should i spend my first Badges on? i was thinking ofgetting Bracers of the anchient phalanx.

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    Your spec looks good for Kara, although I think two in imporved demo shout would help for hard-hitting bosses like Prince.

    This is the spec I ran while progressing thru Kara, which is close to your current spec and it worked just fine: spec link

    If you have the patience to save up 75 BoJ's, get the legs first because they are a huge upgrade. I also suggest using this as a guide for your BoJ shopping list: BoJ shopping list

    Best of luck to you and your guild in Kara.

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