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Thread: Questions about spec and weapons

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    Questions about spec and weapons

    Hi there,

    My main is a lock that I have been using for almost 2 years now but I started a warrior a while ago and have her to 68 (almost 69) and will be going to Kara with my guild on her as DPS/off tank if needed. However I will be speccing for dps. I have mostly levelled as DW fury but at lvl 66 I respecced to Arms and use the Halaani Claymore and quite enjoy it - mainly from the steady rage generation but also I seem to survive better with it.

    So my question really is that I obvioulsy need to gear up a bit but also I just cant decide whether to stay Arms (with imp slam) or swop back to DW fury as from what I can read Arms can have problems with burst dmg agro and that DW fury is probably better. Our guild clear Kara (we finally got NB down for the first time last night) and so our tanks are pretty well geared and so I dont think my agro is going to be a problem until I get much better gear.

    But could any of you fellow warriors suggest some good weapons to go for as a start? I have very little time to grind rep or BG due to work, wife and 5 month old child and so really was thinking of staying Arms and hope that Despair drops from R&J but would appreciate any ideas.

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    Improved Slam is generally not as good as Fury for Kara, since you don't get the benefit from Blood Frenzy, and you have a much lower chance of having a Windfury. Even considering those drawbacks, it still [i]works/[i]. Just not as well as it could.

    While managing burst aggro can be problematic every once in a while, it's generally a non-issue. Just make sure you give your tank a little bit of time to get threat so that you don't get yourself killed after a lucky crit streak.

    Weapons wise, really your only options are to BG or hope for Despair. I personally picked up the S1 axe, and it's been serving me quite well - it (or the sword) might be something you should consider working towards, since it'll be with you for a while.

    All in all, I'd recommend going Fury. It's a bit easier to gear up for, there's better gear for it in Kara (I had to run a fair amount of BG's for decent Arms gear), and your DPS will be higher.

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    Yep your where i was about a year ago with my choices....

    Fury 44/17 and don't bother speccing into Prot. You will get bleed damage soon with 2.4 i believe unless they revoked that idea (haven't looked because if it happens bonus not a reason not to spec that way)

    You probably won't have the gear to tank kara mobs anyways so don't think of yourself as an OT yet. Farm tank and DPS drops from kara. Leather is your friend for DPS....get some Fel leather gear made for you till you gear up if your short on basic DPS stats (Hit/Crit)

    As an OT the only mobs you need to tank are maybe one of moroes' team (lasts maybe 25 seconds) and maybe if you don't have the CC a servant or two. everything else is single Tank/CC.

    Our raids may be different to yours but as i say your going to struggle to hold any mob over the DPS until your geared. If you were all starting kara at the same time it may be different but i'd expect your DPS to be established 70s and your not.

    the only 2Hander i think is from romeo in opera and it's "OK" but i think theres 7 x 1handers in there with fool's bane/BigBad wolf Paw/Decapitator and Spite Blade being your better ones. Theres a heap of daggers also to get you up to speed till you settle in the 2.5 Delay area weapons.
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