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    Its Alive!

    Welcome to entry #1.

    Lets cover the formalities. This blog aims to give you a no-nonsense look at how Live Fire Sports operates. Its also going to give myself and my fellow admin Wardlaw a chance to vent. Posting here may or may not be a mistake since I'm not by nature a blogger but people seem drawn to car wrecks so maybe someone, somewhere, will get entertainment out of this.

    For those who don't know, Live Fire Sports (which will from here on out be refered to as the LFS since I'm a lazy typist) is the first PvP ladder for Tabula Rasa, providing wide scale competitive rankings.

    The LFS site has been up for a week + 1 day. We're posting Friday Night Fight (FnF) results as fast as we can get them, the Supremacy Circuit is on board to allow us to host their results and lastly our premier event, the King of the Hill tournament for the Orion server, is all planned out.

    We've also got MORTAL and COIL, the two clans in a perpetual clan war, onboard to be our Open Roster clans for the Centaurus server. Any clanless people who want to compete in one of our clanwar events can do so by joining either of these two clans. A pessimist would call them glorified PUGs. They'll have the chance to prove otherwise. Any other clans that want to participate in a similar way can drop me a PM through these forums or email me at TRKole@gmail.com.

    Currently, all of our effort is focussed on spreading the word about the site throughout the player base. Ten Ton Hammer has published a nice interview where I managed not to come across as an idiot (I think), Cuppa gave a nod to us in a recent Weekend Wrapup and we've just popped the cork on this blog (no need to make another link, right?).

    Now for the juicy part that everyone is interested in: our screw-ups. Biggest mistake we made was going live during Critter's vacation. To be fair, I'm not in the habit of asking the dev's about their personal schedules but our timing could have been better. Nothing makes you feel dejected like a bunch of "Oh, look at us! Post news about us!" e-mails that go unanswered. Luckily we managed to get word out to Cuppajo. While I hope that Critters enjoyed her break, I'll be happy to have her shackled back to her desk so she can recieve what I believe to be my very important emails.

    We also managed to raise some people's eyebrows when they visited the site to find that accounts were already made in their name. It wasn't a great PR move but we got the FnF results and we had to track them somehow. Initially we decided to use placeholder accounts which we'd hand over to the players when they signed up. This turned out to be manually intensive so we've changed to linking FnF results to teams. Now people are free to register and, if they've previously participated in an event we're covering, we link them to the team that represents them. Its also worked out as a way for us to tie together results from clones or avatars on different servers together into one entry.

    Going back to good new, we must be becoming popular since we're already recieving hate mail. I'm surprise that people are bothering to expend energy to tell us that we're going to fail and that the game or the PvP mechanics in the game aren't worth the effort. As far as Wardlaw and I are concerned its our time, money and energy to use as we see fit. If other people get to enjoy what we make, great. In otherwords, I have an appendage to which the haters are free to apply negative pressure.

    Looking forward, we mainly need people to keep signing up. So if you like PvP and want to track your results, REGISTER! We've also got a PvP Poll going on over at Planettr which is going to determine which servers will host our events. I strongly encourage anyone who doesn't want to whine later that no one is PvPing on their server to vote. Orion players, check out our King of the Hill tournament and Centaurus players, cheer up, we haven't forgotten about you.

    In closing, thanks for reading and keep an eye out on this blog and our site for more news about the League.
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